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Short film: The Other Day, in Rome…



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I’ve posted “The Other Day, in Rome…,” a short film made with the help of several RISD EHP students in the summer of 2012.  The plot: a Girl and a Dude who live in their own musical worlds, looking for love in their lives.  Will they ever cross paths?

This being my first time making any sort of movie on my own, there were some inevitable road bumps, the main one being that I forgot to turn off the skin soften mode on the camcorder (what is this?), which apparently just makes everything slightly blurry on tape, which I suppose will make skin tones look softer in a weird, roundabout way.  I also had zero film editing capabilities, so I had to learn the very basics of Final Cut Pro in a week, wah!

But I think it turned out pretty good for a first try and, despite some horribly early morning shoots to beat the Roman traffic, I think everyone who participated had fun as well.  Hope to dabble a bit more in video mediums in the future.  Viva Roma!