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Wedding designs, and a trip to Venice (via Google)


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I’ve posted a little project that I did for two friends who were getting hitched (woo!), I designed a monogram and a series of 3 letter headers for them to use on their invitations.  The monogram was replicated on their cake, too, tasty!

In other worldly news, Google Maps now offers street view of Venice.  If getting completely lost on foot in the Venetian labyrinth wasn’t enough for you, do it again digitally!  Choose your mode of transport: on foot, by vaporetto (the bus boats), or by gondola.

One could theoretically park themselves and their significant other in front of their computer with some glasses of fine Italian wine, turn up the surround sound on some classic Italian love ballads, and enjoy the romance of a gondola ride through Venice without the annoyance of other tourists, stinky canals, or expensive gondola rates.  To really complete the experience, one should also sway side to side to mimic the rocking of the gondola.